About WAPCO Landscaping

Serving Saskatoon since 2007

WAPCO Landscaping Inc. Is Your Trusted Solution

Our History

Based in the heart of Saskatoon, Wapco Landscaping has been a trusted solution to many landscaping problems. Wapco has proven to be dependable, and meticulous in providing the desired end product. Serving Saskatoon since 2007, Wapco Landscaping Inc. is headed by CEO, Wade A. Peters.

Our Mission

“Our company motto is “Excellence Above All” , and that’s a standard that we mean to keep. We firmly believe that doing it right the first time isn’t only good for everyone involved, but it also allows us to lay the groundwork for building consumer trust in the greater Saskatoon area. When you hire WAPCO Landscaping Inc, you hire our work ethic and our same-team attitude. I make it my promise to always meet our deadline, or you’ll know the reason why.” – WAPCO Landscaping, Inc.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture-perfect yard is worth a thousand pictures.”