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Welcome to WAPCO Landscaping Inc.

WAPCO Landscaping works with homeowners to create stunning residential landscape designs. With sensitivity to the natural setting and surrounding environment, we’re able to maximize use of outdoor space to create your perfect personal space. We’re currently looking to expand our portfolio, and are always seeking new ways to provide exceptional service to both contractors and home owners seeking to create a both new landscapes or improve existing landscapes. Our motto is “Excellence Every Time”, and we mean it.

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Commercial Landscaping
Concrete Removal

Fences and Decks


Planting of Trees and Shrubbery

Concrete Replacement

Retaining Walls

Piles and Post Holes

Snow Removal


Brick and Design

Grading and Leveling

Lot Sanding and Sweeping
Residential Landscaping
Concrete RemovalConcrete ReplacementRetaining WallsBrick
Piles and Post HolesBrick and DesignIrrigation/Sprinklers (automatic/manual)Sod
Assistance and Advice with Yard PlanningGrading and LevelingPlanting of Trees and ShrubberyFences and Decks
Window Wells and Weeping TileLoaded With Amazing Goodies
Concrete RemovalConcrete ReplacementSodBrick
Retaining WallsBrick and DesignIrrigation/SprinklersPiles and Post Holes
Window Wells and Weeping TileGrading and LevelingPlanting of Trees and ShrubberyFences and Decks
Design and Special-Needs Consultation
Attachment Services
Post Holes (6″ and 9″ bits, up to 10 feet)Snow BladeConcrete Breaker
Snow BucketPallet Forks
Snow Removal
Snow RemovalIce PreventionLot Sanding and Sweeping

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